About Our Outdoor Vertical Hanging Planter

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Plant Your Favorite Herbs, Vegetables & Flowers

Great Gift And Family Project

Do you love fresh, all natural, organic herbs, vegetables and flowers?
We do. And now with Happy Herb & The Spice Gals, our OUTDOOR VERTICAL HANGING PLANTER, it’s never been easier. We use high quality, mold, mildew and rot resistant canvas and polyester materials. Happy Herb comes in two sizes – a three row, nine pocket planter with four hang straps so you can hang the planter on a wood (shown), metal fence or a wall and a one row, four pocket planter with three straps, perfect for hanging on a terrace or balcony. Each pocket has a reinforced drain hole, to reduce the chance of root rot. You can plant seeds or use starter plants purchased from your favorite garden center. Happy Herb & The Spice Gals is a great gift and the plant selection, planting, taking care of your garden, harvesting, cooking and eating makes for a fantastic family project.

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